5 Common Mistakes that a Runner Should Avoid to Stay Injury Free

common runner mistakes to avoid | common runner mistakes

Everybody thinks that running is an easy exercise. Just have a pair of shoes & start running. It’s a wrong perception. For running, beginners require guidance and some training. Runners can make mistakes during their training and running. In several cases, we do repeated mistakes & we try to learn from these repeated mistakes and take some extra steps not to repeat them in the future. I will let you know about the 5 common mistakes which the runner’s do.

1. Wearing Wrong Shoes

Wearing wrong type of shoes can lead to an injury while running. So, if you do not have the right pair of running shoes than go & get it from your nearby sports shoe store. After getting the right & good quality of shoes then start your running in routine. Make sure that you should replace the pair of shoes after every 350-400 miles because the loss of cushioning can lead to injuries.

2. Wearing Wrong Clothes

Wearing wrong type of clothes can suffer your running. Some runner’s wears too loose clothes or some wears too little clothes, this makes them uncomfortable. Also do not wear dark color clothes in summer and light color clothes on winter while running.

3. Don’t Run Too Much & Too Soon

Runners those who are beginners get so excited and encouraged about their running they run too much, too fast & too soon. Even, they do more running without taking any time off to rest and recover. As a result, they frequently start suffering from running injuries, such as runner’s knee, shin splints or ITB syndrome. In several cases, runners may get fed up rapidly and drop their interest in running.

4. Most Common Issue of Over Striding

Runners always get injured while running is due to over striding. Most of the runners think that a longer stride will help them to improve their speed or efficiency. Overstriding only wastes energy & it could also lead to injury such as shin splints.

5. Forget to Hydrate Body

In the excitement of running the new runners always forget to hydrate their body. Even, they do not know that how much fluid they lose during running. Losing too much fluid and not drinking enough can lead them to dehydration, which can be harmful to your health and performance.