5 Simple & Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners

5 simple & essential yoga poses for beginners

Yoga exercise has many health benefits. It makes you physically & mentally fit. Yoga also saves you from a number of chronic diseases. If you are a beginner to yoga then there are certain simple & essential poses for you to learn. Here you will get to know those poses:-

Snake Pose

(a) You need to lie down facing towards the mat, stomach touching the mat, palms of the hand pressing mat below shoulders & legs should be straight.

(b) Now, raise your upper part of the body with the palms of the hand pressing mat.

(c) The lower part of the body remains on the mat.

(d) Make your face straight, facing front wall.

(e) Hold your body in this position & breathe for 5 times.

(f) Repeat this for 5 times.

Pigeon Mode

(a) In pigeon mode you need to take pushup position.

(b) Bend on your elbows, lower down to your forearms & make your palms touching the mat.

(c) Place your left knee near to your left elbow & left heel below the right thigh.

(d) Raise your chest up facing the front wall, but by looking down.

(e) Breathe deeply for 5 times.

(f) Now, Bring your chest downward nearer to mat & expand your arms in the forward direction.

(g) Repeat this for another side.

Child’s Mode

(a) In child’s mode, jointly bend your knees, sit on your heels by toes pressing mat.

(b) Uplift your hands over your head & bend your upper part of the body.

(c) Chest to touch the knees, forehead touching the mat & hands should remain straight touching the mat.

(d) Hold your body in this position & deeply breathe for 5 times.

(e) Do the repetition for 5 times.

Seating with Forward Bend Pose

(a) In this pose, sit with your straight legs on the mat, chest facing towards the front wall.

(b) Bend your upper part of the body in forward direction. Put your elbows near to your knees and forearms & palms touching the mat.

(c) Your belly button should touch the top of your thigh.

(d) Try to bend your maximum as you can. Hold yourself in this position & breathe for 5 to 6 times.

(e) Repeat this for 3 to 4 times.

Triangle Form

(a) Stand on your feet.

(b) Now, move your right leg with 3 to 4 feet distance apart from left leg. Place the toe in an outward direction.

(c) Touch your right foot with your right hand & raise your left-hand fingertips facing towards the ceiling.

(d) Hold your body in this position & breathe for 5 to 6 times.

(e) Repeat this for opposite side.