7 Reasons Responsible for Cold Infection – Be Safe!

common cold infection | cold infection

There are different types of virus that infects the upper respiratory tract can cause cold. Common Cold is a viral infection spread through tiny droplets in air that are released when a sick person around you sneezes, cough or blows their nose. In this way your body can be easily gets infected with cold. The viruses or infections may cause the common cold, head cold, chest cold & seasonal flu. The cold virus or infection enters your body through eyes, mouth or nose. I explain you about the 7 reason of common cold infection:

1. Communicable Disease

Common Cold is a viral infection. It may carry from one person to another. If you stand around a person who is already infected with this infection can infect you too.

2. Wash your Hands Properly

Most of the cold viruses spread through small airborne particles. Many of the viruses passed through the hands. Wash your hands properly or use sanitizer before touching your face, mouth & nose.

3. Aging Process

With the aging process, the immune system becomes weak. The immune system creates fewer antibodies that become difficult, to handle the common cold & new viruses.

4. Swelling of the Nose

There should be a swelling on your nose when you got infected with the cold. You will face the breathing problem & congestion. Avoid rubbing your nose too much.

5. Sneezing Make you Tied

Sneezing caused due to the irritation in the nose. When you are suffering from cold, the sneezing makes you tied.

6. Mucus Production

When you are suffering from the common cold the production of mucus increases. While cold the mucus will be watery.

7. A Cough

When the watery mucus drip down to your throat causes a cough. Coughing is a post-cold infection.