8 Healthy Drinks for Kids in Summer

healthy drinks for kids | summer drinks for kids

Summer season makes the parent busy, especially mothers in taking care of their kids. In the summer season, mothers try giving their best to take care the kids & save them from heat. They can prepare different kinds of foods & drinks for the kids at home. In summer season kids love enjoy the cool drinks, juices & smoothies very much. Always use fresh ingredients to prepare any food or drink. There are 10 drinks which the mothers can easily prepare at home for kids:

1. Watermelon Smoothie

As watermelon is a fruit that contains the good quantity of water. It is good to eat. If your kids don’t love to have the chunk of watermelon, then serve your kids with the tricky watermelon smoothie. Your kids will enjoy this.

2. Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie is good to be prepared & serve to the kids in summer. Its pink color attracts the kids. It is healthier for the kids.

3. Grapes Juice

Grapes are all time favorite of kids. Grapes juice is the best choice for kids in the summer season. Grapes are the good source of Vitamin-C which is nutritious for kids.

4. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is full of juicy seed’s bunch. Pomegranate juice should be given to the kids. It is a good source of antioxidants. It will save your kids from common summer problems.

5. Lemonade with Twisty Mint

Lemonade is most wanted drink in summer. Make some twist by adding mint to it & serve to your kids. It is a cool drink & takes care of your kid’s tummy.

6. Chocolate Shake

Chocolates are kids favorite. You can make the chocolate shake for your kids by blending chocolate with milk & cream. Garnish it with crushed chocolate topping & serve this delicious one to your kids.

7. Banana Shake

Banana shake is the best option for kids in the summer. Blend banana with milk & cream. Garnishes it with nuts & raisins topping & serve this tasty shake to your kids.

8. Mango Shake

As mango is the yummiest fruit of kids. You can make mango shake, by blending mango with milk & cream. Crown it with crushed almonds topping & serve your kids with this eye-catching & yummy shake. It makes your kid’s tummy cool.