9 Most Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

most common symptoms of heart attack

Now days, the hectic lifestyle and genetic factors are the major reasons of heart disease. This includes eating unhealthy food, high stress level in day to day life, less physical activity. In medical terms it means that accumulation of cholesterol plaque along the course of an artery and makes a very thin space through which the blood flows. With the less supply of blood to the heart, it becomes stressed. You will start feeling ache in your arms, shoulders, stomach or in chest. When the plaque breaks a small blood clot can form within the blood vessel and block the blood flow & muscle dies. This is known as heart attack. You should have close eye on these most common symptoms of heart attack.

1. Irregularity in Heart Beat

Irregular heartbeat normally occur when you are excited, nervous, not taken proper sleep or excessive intake of caffeine. But if you often feel your heart is beating out of time you need to consult your doctor.

2. Chest Pain

Chest pain is a normal sign of heart threat. You may feel discomfort, pressure or tightness in the chest due to blockage in the artery.

3. Pain that Spread to the Arm

There is another symptom a person feels pain in chest and it spreads out through arm. It manly takes place on the left side of the body.

4. Upset Stomach

People eating unhygienic or junk food often has upset stomach. The upset stomach increases the heartburn problem. So in that case your heart may be in danger.

5. Swelling in Feet

The small blood clots block the flow of blood and due to this the muscles get weak and leads the swelling in the feet.

6. Feeling Faint

There are different reasons when a person feels faint i.e. doesn’t have sufficient food or fluid and wake up fast can get faint feeling or have low blood pressure can also feel faint.  

7. Easily gets exhausted

When a person easily gets exhausted, becomes weak, feels pain in the upper part of the body as never happen before than it could be the sign of heart problem.

8. Critical Cough Problem

A person having long- lasting cough problem with mucus, it could be dangerous for heart. If the person produces pink mucus while coughing it can cause heart problem.

9. Sweating Problem

When your body unexpectedly gets sweat then it could be the indication of heart failure. If you have intense sweating along with any of the above symptoms then immediately go to the hospital.