10 Most Common Reasons Behind Hair Fall Problem

hair fall problem

Everybody worries about their hair loss problem. Nowadays, hair fall is the most common problem worldwide. Hair fall is a problem that can be arising at any phase of life. This problem is common both in male & female. Hair fall problem may vary from person to person. There are different reasons that causing hair fall problem. Here we will let you know the different factors that are behind hair fall problem:-

1. Heredity Aspect

Hair fall problem can be due to a heredity factor. If the parents suffer from hair fall problem then it can also affect their children.

2. Imbalance Hormones

When hormonal imbalances take place in the body problems like weaken hair roots & hair fall increases. Some health problems bring out the changes in your hormonal balance & it eventually leads to hair loss.

3. Due to Pregnancy

Most of the women experience the problems of fatigue & hormonal imbalance during or after pregnancy. This can lead to continual hair fall which is dangerous.

4. Due to Stress

Stress is harmful to the body physically as well as mentally. Due to excessive physical work body gets dehydrated & the hair follicles get weak. This leads to fast hair fall. Mental stress like divorce, the death of loved one or serious financial crises.

5. Infection in Scalp

Bacterial & Fungal infection is the main reason for infection in the scalp. Due to red & dry patches in the scalp, hair roots get weaken & hair follicles get damage.

6. Consuming High Dose Medicine for Treatment of any Chronic Disease

Some chronic disease requires surgeries & treatment with the strong drugs. The side effect of such treatments can damage the hair follicles. Treatments of cancer, thyroid, heart disease & depression are responsible for extreme hair fall.

7. Thyroid Problem

Thyroid disorder & it treatment causes hair fall problem. Hair fall is spread over the scalp. Successful treatment leads to the hair growing back otherwise the hair loss is permanent.

8. Deficiency of Red Blood Cells & Iron

Deficiency of red blood cells & lower level of iron in the body causes weakness, fatigue & extreme hair fall problem.

9. Lesser Intake of Nutrients

Lesser intake of nutrients leads to their deficiency in the body. The problems like dehydration, dehydration of the scalp occurs & causes hair loss.

10. Over Styling of Hairs

Everybody wants to look fashionable with their hairstyle. So, the people excessively use chemicals & hot styling tools on hairs, it leads to rapid hair fall.