15 Simple Ways to Prevent & Cure Your Skin Dryness

15 Simple Ways to Prevent & Cure Your Skin Dryness

Skin dryness caused due to various reasons such as stress, hot & cold weather, dry air, smoking, cruel cosmetic products, swimming in a swimming pool which has high chlorine water. Skin dryness can also happen in some critical conditions like deficiency of any mineral, due to HIV, kidney & thyroid disease. In most of the cases skin dryness gets cure on its own but in some cases, it requires special treatment. You can prevent & cure your skin dryness in the following simple ways:-

1. Avoid taking overheat in the winter season, it dries the skin.

2. Avoid more use of air conditioner in the summer season, it reduces the water level of the skin & results in skin dryness.

3. Drink a good amount of water i.e. 8 to 10 glasses of water to avoid skin dryness through dehydration.

4. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, it causes skin dryness & even leads to skin cancer. Use umbrella, cover your body with clothes & use of sunscreen is good enough to avoid direct sunlight exposure

5. Take a proper bath once in a day in every season. Don’t short your bath 3 to 4 times in a week in winter or not to do sponge bathing in alternate days.

6. Do minimal use of soap while bathing.

7. Soften your skin with shaving cream or gel before shaving.

8. Always check your razor before shaving otherwise it will irritate your skin.

9. Patting on the dry skin is better than rubbing, which is irritating.

10. Taking baths frequently 3 to 4 a day & excessive scrubbing can harm your skin.

11. Wash & rinse your clothes properly using good detergent.

12. Always wear the washed clothes in routine.

13. Wear those fabrics which are suitable to your skin.

14. Cotton clothes are good for skin & avoid wearing synthetic clothes, these are harmful for skin.

15. After bath or shower moisturize your skin with oil or lotion or cream of good quality.