You Should Know the Symptoms & Causes of Skin Dryness

symptoms of skin dryness | causes of skin dryness

Dry skin problem takes place in the people of all age groups at any stage. When the moisture or oil of the skin gets low or lost, then the skin dryness problem happens. In general, people don’t take care of their skin & don’t take this problem seriously; this may lead to severe skin problems, bacterial or fungal infections. Dry skin problem can also affect your life negatively and hurt your relationships. In following you will get to know the symptoms & causes of skin dryness.

Symptoms of Skin Dryness

You need to have a close eye on your skin changes. Skin dryness symptoms are

1. Skin dryness can affect any person.

2. Skin becomes rough and scaly.

3. Skin dryness can occur due to continuous use of any chemical.

4. Skin dryness can happen due to a hot or cold climate.

5. Dryness can make cracks on your skin & bacteria enter through these cracks. Due to this, you may feel itching and irritation on your skin.

6. Skin dryness can happen due to environmental changes.

Causes of Skin Dryness

1. Eczema – In eczema, the skin becomes dry & red. The person becomes irritated when itching takes place in this part of the skin.

2. Ringworm – Ringworm is a very common skin problem due to fungal infection. Skin becomes dry, red & itchy due to excessive sweating.

3. Dry Skin Seem Normal – When you overheat the skin in winter or in summer over cool your skin in an air conditioner at a lower temperature, the skin becomes dry but seem normal. When the temporary change in temperature crosses the limit then skin dryness happens. Overuse of perfumes, soap & hot bath also makes the skin dry.

4. Dehydration – Dehydration occurs when the intake of water or other fluids are less & exhale is more through vomiting or stools. In this case, the water level of the body turns out to be low & the skin becomes dry.

5. Genetic – In some cases, if the skin of a person remains dry all the time, then it may a genetic problem. In that case, you need to daily moisturize your skin.