10 Common Health Issues in Summer Season

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Every season has its own effect on the human body. Cold, cough & flu are the common health disease of winter, malaria & dengue are of the rainy season. So, the summer has its own. Here I tell you about some common diseases that affect your body in summer & you need to have a close watch on their symptoms:-

1. Headache & Eye Irritation

Mostly the headache problem in summer is due to facing the direct exposure to sunlight. Also, the sunlight consist of ultraviolet rays may irritate your eyes.

2. Allergies

The air pollution in summer is at its peak. Breathing problem, scratchy throat, sneezing are some allergies common in summer.

3. Skin Rashes Problem

The problem of skin rashes in summer is due to more sweating. More you sweat, more you face the itching & redness of the skin. This redness of the skin further leads to skin rashes. Take skin problem seriously in summer, it may lead to skin cancer.

4. Food Poisoning Problem

Eating the unhygienic food can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning problem may occur hours after eating an unhygienic food. Vomiting & loose motion are the symptoms of food poisoning.

5. Dehydration Problem

Dehydration occurs when the water level of your body goes lower. In dehydration your body gets overheated, the blood pressure increases rapidly, vomiting & lack of sweating.

6. Typhoid Disease

Typhoid is a water-borne disease. This may also carry from someone who is infected. Its symptoms are a headache, high-end fever, stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation, and weight loss.

7. Diarrhea Disease

Diarrhea is the disease that commonly affects the health of infants & toddlers. The symptoms of diarrhea are watery stools, blood in stools, fever, pain in abdominals & nausea.

8. Asthma Attack Problem

Asthma patients face the breathing problems more in the summer season. Some symptoms of an asthma attack are continuous coughing, rapid breathing, unconsciousness in neck & chest & difficulty in talking. Asthma attack causes due to dust mites, cockroaches or animal dander, smoke, strong odors of perfume.

9. Bug Bites Infection

In the summer season, the pests like ants, bees, flies, termites, and mosquitoes grow rapidly. These pests are harmful to your body. Their bites can make you ill on a serious note.

10. Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear infection occurs when water enters the ear & gets trapped by excess ear wax. It temporarily reduces hearing & may cause a serious ear infection.

In case, if you face any of the above-mentioned problems consult your doctor immediately.