10 Tips to Prevent Common Health Issues in Summer Season

prevent summer health issues | prevent summer health problems

Now the climate of summer is really going hot day by day & you are planning for summer vacation. In this excitement, always keep in mind that you need to stay yourself protected from the warm & hot summer. I hope the following tips would help you to prevent the common health issues in summer season:-

1. Prevention from Headache & Eye Irritation

In summer, protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays. Always carry an umbrella or wear a cap when going outside. This will save you from headache problem. To protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays wear sunglasses. Otherwise, your eyes may get irritated & redness.

2. Prevention from Allergies

There are some common allergy problems in summer like breathing problem, sneezing, scratchy throat, cough, itching in nose & eyes and dark circle under the eyes. The air in summer season is full of dust mites & microscopic insects. They are the main reason for allergic reaction in summer.

3. Prevention from Sunburn Problem

In summer, avoid the direct sunlight exposure in peak hours from 10 AM to 4 PM. The harmful ultraviolet rays can damage your skin. Protect your skin by using sunscreen or wear full sleeve clothes. It also saves you from the skin cancer.

4. Prevention from Food Poisoning Problem

Food poisoning is the common problem faced by the people in summer. Eat fresh food in summer to stay away from food poisoning. Avoid eating food that has been prepared more than 4 hours before. Eating this type of food can cause stomach cramps, vomiting & stools.

5. Prevention from Dehydration Problem

In summer, the hot air makes your body dehydrated. Drink water & fluids after a regular interval of time to keep your body safe from dehydration.

6. Prevention of Asthma Attack

Asthma patients need special care. They should avoid going outside in the polluted air. Use a mask when going outside. In summer the air carries dust mites, smoke which makes breathing difficult for asthma patients.

7. Prevention of Typhoid Disease

To avoid typhoid disease you have to say no to street foods & drinks. Wash your hands before having a meal. Eat fresh fruits & vegetables & drink filtered water.

 8. Prevention of Diarrhea Disease

Diarrhea in which the body loses water through vomiting, watery stools, bloody stools. It is quite dangerous. To prevent yourself from diarrhea include banana, white rice, white bread, whole grains & yogurt in your diet.

9. Prevention from Bug Bites

Summer season is the breeding time for bugs. Ants, bees, flies, termites, mosquitoes are some pests that may harm your body. It is good for your health to keep the surroundings clean. Keep doors & windows shut, regularly check your wooden furniture, bed sheets, pillows, carpets & vacuum regularly.

10. Prevention Swimmer’s Ear

Summer is a good time for swimming lovers. Wear earplugs when you swim. No need to remove ear wax. Stay away from swimming pool if you are suffering from swimmer’s ear.