5 Valuable Steps to Stay Safe from Dehydration in Summer

dehydration in summer

When the water level of the body lowers it causes dehydration. Dehydration is commonly also called as “Heat Stroke”.  The human body usually contains 75% of water. This problem may arise due to several reasons longtime exercise, less intake of water & other fluid and direct sunlight in the summer season.

By adopting the following steps you can get safe from dehydration:-

1. Keep a close eye on the symptoms of Dehydration

(a) Dark Yellow Color Urine

(b)  Low quantity of Urine

(c) Weight Loss

(d) Weakness

(e) Headache

(f) Dryness of mouth & body

(g) Pain in Muscles

(h) Fatigue

(i) Angry behavior

(j) No tears while crying

2. Increase the Water & other Fluids Intake

Water is the main source of energy for human body. You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, the weather may be summer or winter. It maintains the blood pressure level of the body. Also drink some other fluids like fruit & vegetable juices, milk. Drink the water or other fluid after a small interval of time.

3. Eat Healthy Food & Be Healthy

When the body feels dehydrated eat water enriched food.  The fruits like watermelon & strawberry have high water levels. Similarly, cucumbers & tomatoes are the vegetables that contain water levels. Eat the food after a small interval of time. By this, you can maintain the water level of the body.

4. Avoid too much Sweating

You should wear the lightweight & light color clothes while doing exercise and when the weather is hot & humid. This helps you to avoid the dehydration through sweating. Humid & hot weather increases the amount of sweating, increases the body temperature & the water level of the body decreases. So, drink the water or other fluids to maintain the water level of the body.

5. Stay away from unnecessary Drinks

In dehydration, one should avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks. This type of drinks sucks the water from the body. If you are suffering badly from dehydration, then it may cause you fever, vomiting & even diarrhea. So, in that case, it is better to consult the doctor & get treated.