7 Horrible Effects of Smoking

smoking horrible effects | smoking harmful effects

Smoking is carried out by burning a cigarette & breathing its smoke. Smoking is harmful to the health. Cigarette contains tobacco & it is injurious to the health. Now a day, smoking is the main cause of death. Smoking not only damages your lungs but also have an effect on the other parts of the body. Smoking also damages the health of those around you who don’t smoke & you make them passive smoker.

Here I mention list 5 horrible effects of smoking:-

1. Damage to the Respiratory System

First of all, smoking will affect your lungs. You will be feeling discomfort while breathing. The flow of oxygen will not be proper in your body. The air sac in your lung got destructed by smoke & may cause emphysema. Over time it may lead to lung cancer.

2. Raise Cardiovascular Problem

Next turn is of your cardiovascular system. Smoking affects the blood vessels & hampers the flow of blood. This increase the health issues like weaken blood vessel, high blood pressure, and increases the number of blood clots. These problems harm the heart & boost the risk of stroke.

3. Bone Loss Risk is Higher

Smoking reduces the bone density & makes them weak. Smoking increases the risk of Osteoporosis which leads to broken bones & fractures.

4. Affect Sex Life

Smoking can extremely affect your sexual life. Smoking decreases the level of sex hormones. This results in sexual dissatisfaction & affects your behavior.

5. Damage the Skin

Smoking can damage your skin glow & spoil looks. You will look unhealthy. Wrinkles will appear on your face and you will look older. You can also face the problem of hair loss.

6. Bad effect on Eyes

Smoking can badly affect your eyes. It can cause a serious vision problem. Smoking may raise several eye issues such as cataract, glaucoma & macular degeneration.

7. Bad effect on Nervous System

While smoking you inhale nicotine. It is a drug that instantly affects your mood. You will be feeling energetic. But when that effect of nicotine wears off your body feel tired & crave more. Nicotine is a drug that makes you habitual of smoking & resists you to quit.