Use 5 Most Beneficial Tips & Plan for Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting | fasting

Fasting is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose body fat and be better. But what are you going to do? Here are 5 most beneficial tips to help you start an effective fasting diet.

1. Avoid too long or too short fast

An ideal fast route for weight loss and health benefits is 16 to 24 hours depending on age, experience, and exact objectives. The short duration fast does not give you the appropriate results which you want (remember that you fast from 10 to 12 hours at night) and it is useless for longer and can be difficult to adjust.

2. Drink good amount water during fast

Temporary fasting also helps purify your digestive system and the body works more efficiently. While fasting increases your water consumption. This cured the digestive system & stronger the digestive system helps in lowering blood pressure level. It also improves your energy level.

3. Workout Benefits with Fasting

Workout during fast is most probably benefit in the shortest amount of time. The combination of fasting & physical workout forces the breakdown of fat & glycogen for energy. This combination helps to reduce the body weight & body fat. While fasting do the light workout. Do the physical workout with fasting as much as your body allows to do so.

4. Eat healthy food after breaking your fast

After fasting, it is important to eat the healthy food. The food eat must be of high protein. Eat the leafy green vegetables like Spanish & lettuce and later move on to the other foods like fruits, juices. Avoid junk food and fat enriched food.

5. Take care of your body while Fasting

Take care of your while fasting for one or two days. During fast the digestive system of your body undergoes several changes & it needs to rely on the stored energy. Avoid fasting if you have got problems related to liver or kidney.