Healthy Diet Plan Makes You Fit and Healthy

healthy diet plan makes you fit and healthy

Due to low nutrition in the body the possibility of eating disorder increases. To live healthy you have to eat healthy diet because it is the first step to get healthy. Most of the people don’t know that which diet plan will be good for them. Sometimes people copy the diet plan of others without knowing their figure and weight. Here we will tell you about the diet plan which you can follow to get fit and healthy body.

Healthy Diet Plan

Start your early morning with a glass of lemon water. Take a glass of milk, an egg or a fruit chart in the breakfast. You can also add oat meal and a cup of coffee in breakfast. In lunch, take rainbow color fruits & vegetables salad with olive oil or any other oil as per your taste. Lunch should not be heavier than breakfast. In dinner, it good to take green salad and a glass of milk before sleep.

Importance of Healthy Fat in Diet Plan

There are some people who always love to maintain their body fit and slim in shape. Due to this reason they frequently add protein and fiber enriched food in their diet plan and avoids fat products. But fat is most important for the digestion of proteins and fiber. Add healthy fat food in your diet like green and yellow vegetables, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Add Healthy Food in Diet Plan

  1. Dairy products
  2. Eggs
  3. Fresh green and seasonal vegetables
  4. Fresh seasonal fruits
  5. Fish
  6. Chicken
  7. Flax-seed and Sorghum
  8. Dry Fruits
  9. Pearl
  10. Brown Rice
  11. Whole Wheat
  12. Corn
  13. Cinnamon
  14. Oat Meal
  15. To cook foods only use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oil.

Do’s and Don’ts in Diet Plan

  1. Don’t eat large quantity food in onetime.
  2. Avoid too much dieting or crash dieting.
  3. Don’t forget your breakfast.
  4. Always avoid junk food.
  5. Eat only low fat food.
  6. Avoid late night dinner.
  7. If you feel hungry at late night than it is good to drink a glass of milk only.
  8. Don’t drink tea or coffee immediate after lunch and dinner.
  9. Always avoid alcohol and smoking.
  10. Adopt the habit of early to bed and early to rise.
  11. Do exercise or yoga daily.

When you are suffering from any critical disease or not feeling well in that stage it is good to concern your nutritionist for diet plan. Follow their diet plan to get fit and healthy.