How to Protect Yourself from 5 Most Common Winter Illnesses

5 Most Common Winter Illnesses

After hot and humid weather, the winter has arrived. Now your body will face the challenges that differ from hot and humid weather. The people living in unhygienic environment and with weaker immunity frequently get ill in winter season. There are some viral infections that most commonly infect the people in winter season.

1. Common Cold Illness

Common Cold

Symptoms: Cold is the common illness in winter. Infected person starts sniffing quite few times, feeling weak, head ache, body ache and also cough problem.

Precautions: Properly cover your body with warm clothes. Cover your head with woollen cap and hands with gloves. Don’t consume any cold thing in this illness. You can consume hot soups, honey, ground nuts to boost immunity.

2. Flu Illness


Symptoms: In winter we prefer to stay in the covered areas to protect ourselves from the dry chilly air. But the viruses still present the covered areas because the air is less humid. These viruses infect us by attacking our uncovered skin, nose, mouth and eyes. You will start feeling weak, head ache, body ache, rashes on the skin, runny nose and redness in eyes.

Precautions: Keep your body cover with warm clothes. Wash your hands properly, maintain proper hygiene and drink plenty of warm water and other fluids.

3. Sore Throat Illness

Sore Throat

Symptoms: Sore throat is the most common in winter season. It is very easy for the viruses to attack your throat. This problem mainly rises by consuming the cold things, direct contact with the chilly dry air and also when you come in contact with the infected person. Infected person will have continuous pain in the throat, swelling in the throat, head ache, weakness in the body.

Precautions: Avoid consuming cold things in winter. Avoid going in crowd. Drink plenty of warm water.

4. Bronchitis Illness


Symptoms: The virus that infected you with cold and flu is also involved in bronchitis illness. This virus infects the bronchial tubes which carry the air to the lungs. It raises the problem of inflammation, swelling in the lungs and that person often cough up thickened mucus. It makes breathing difficult.

Precautions: Improve the humidity level of your body. Drink plenty of warm water and maintain proper hygiene and humidity in your home.

5. Ears Infection Illness

Ear Infection

Symptoms: Ear infection mainly occurs in winter due to common cold and flu infections. These infections trapped the fluid behind your eardrum or in the middle of the ear and tend to earache. Both children and adults can get suffer from ear infection.  

Precautions: Cover your ears properly in the winters. Wash your hands properly, maintain proper hygiene.