Jumping Rope Exercise – Beginners Guide

jumping rope exercise beginners guide

Jumping rope is considered as a low impact exercise because it is easy to do. It is also known as “Skipping Exercise”. Kids also perform this exercise and play this as game. Even, you might have enjoyed this exercise in your childhood. Jumping rope exercise can be performed at home, outside in garden & in a gym. In jumping rope exercise your whole body workout is done. It is most effective and key exercise to lose weight. Most of the players do this exercise to improve their stamina, toning arms, tightening core, powering legs.

Follow some simple steps before staring jumping rope exercise:-

  1. You need to purchase a high-quality and strong rope.
  2. Wear the track pants, footwear and a good quality sports bra to do this exercise. There is a lot of breast movement in this exercise so it’s essential to wear sports bra.
  3. The surface for jumping rope exercise should be smooth. It saves you from injuries caused due rubbing or tripping.
  4. Choose wide area to do jumping rope exercise.
  5. Properly set the length of rope as per your requirement before starting this exercise.
  6. Warm up your body for 10 to 15 minutes before starting this exercise.
  7. Play music when you start exercise it will energize you.
  8. Hands should grip the each handle of the rope tightly.
  9. Start the exercise slowly, and then move to the intense level.
  10. If you are a beginner don’t exercise for too long, take short breaks during exercise.

What are the benefits of jumping rope exercise?

  1. Anybody can do this exercise a beginner or an advance level performer.
  2. Jumping rope exercise is beneficial for burning more calories and loses weight.
  3. You do not need to worry of bad weather because you can do this exercise at home.
  4. Jumping rope is one of the best exercises to build and improve stamina.
  5. Most of the players do this exercise in training sessions to improve the coordination, footwork performance, body balance and strengthen arms & legs muscles.
  6. As per the experts this is a low impact exercise. So, it is safe for the joints. Now do this exercise without any hesitation.
  7. Jumping rope is good for the cardiovascular system; it is helpful to improve the blood pressure level.
  8. It is beneficial to improve bone density level.