5 Important Guidelines Beneficial for Kid’s Healthy Growth

important guidelines beneficial for kid’s healthy growth

Healthy kid means your kid should be healthy in all aspects eating healthy & balanced diet, actively getting plenty of exercise or playing games. Your kid’s health plays an important role in their growth. Here you will get some important tips to make your kid healthy:-

1. Always Offer a Balanced Diet

Always offer a balanced diet to your kid’s. It will be beneficial for their growth.

(a) Fruits – Make sure that the fruits should be the major part of their diet. Fruits contain many types of minerals and vitamins which make your kids healthy & strong. Try to have fresh fruit available at home. There are some fruits available for the whole year in the supermarket & some are seasonal.

(b) Vegetables – Vegetables are an important part of kid’s diet. It is recommended that kids should eat the vegetables daily. There are different types of vegetables and so you should try to get your kids a good balance of the different sorts. This includes dark green vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas, starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables. All are good for your kid’s balanced diet.

(c) Have Variation in Kid’s Diet – Try to add variation to your kid’s balanced diet. As fruits & vegetables are good for their health but also add some dairy products, grains, food having high protein in their diet.   

2. Water and Other Fluids are Essential

Water should be an essential part of your kid’s diet. Water plays a major role for staying the kid healthy. Drinking minimum 8 glasses of water every day is good for the kid’s health. You can also give juices, smoothies and milk with low fat or no fat to your kids. When your kid feels thirsty make water as the first choice and serve it to your kid.

3. Allow to Play and Have Fun

Physical activity is as important as the food for your kid’s healthy growth. Allow your kid for an hour to do the physical activity by playing the games outside. Also, motivate your kid to play with the other kids in your neighborhood. By doing this, your kid will interact with the other kids and learn the good skills in teamwork & communication.

4. Good Hygiene Habits

Good hygiene habits of your kids are also the part of their healthy growth. This means that kid should brush the teeth thoroughly twice a day, floss regularly, bath regularly, wear clean clothes, wash hands before & after having meal.

5. Take Ample Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important part of your kid’s development. Sleep is as important as the healthy diet and physical workout are for your kid. Taking minimum 8 to 10 hours sleep is good for the healthy growth of your kid.