7 Important Tips for Kids Care in Hot Summer Season

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As every season has its own importance. So the summer season has its own. Summer season is full of heat, hot wind and sweaty body. In this season human body loses its water level. In this season kids need more attention. So it’s important that the parent should care for their kids.

Here I will give you 7 important tips that help you out to take care of your kids in summer:-

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Kids always love to play outdoor games. But in the summer kids should avoid the direct sunlight between 11 AM to 4 PM. During these hours the sun heat is at its peak. The risk of dehydration is more during these hours. You should allow the kids to play in the early morning or evening when the temperature is not too hot.

2. Maintain the room temperature Kids Favorably

It is the parent’s responsibility to make the indoor temperature kids favorable. Use a fan or air conditioner to maintain the indoor temperature cool.

3. Wear the Light color & Lightweight clothes to Kids

In summer season always wear the light color & lightweight clothes to kids. Cotton is the best fabric for kids in summer. The clothes of cotton do not cause any allergy & irritate the skin.

4. Serve Water & Other Fluids to Kids after small intervals

Kids need to drink a good quantity of water. Their body loses water in form of sweat while playing. Add fruit juices & other fluids to kids diet. These make them remain hydrated.

5. Serve the Kids with the Food having Water

Serve the kids with the food that contains water. There are some fruits & vegetables that contain a good quantity of water. Watermelon & strawberry are water enriched fruits. Kids love to eat these fruits. Salad of vegetable like cucumber & tomato is good to eat.

6. Protect the Kids from Insects Infection

In summer season protect the kids from the insect’s infection. The insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches. Now days, mosquitoes are most dangerous insect. Sluggish water is the breeding ground of the mosquitoes. When the kids play outside always apply the mosquitoes repellent creams. You can also hire any pest control agency to control the pests at home.

7. Prepare First- Aid Kit for Home

Prepare a first aid kit for home. First aid kit should have the cotton ball, ORS, antiseptic cream, medicine for stomach, cream for rashes. In summer kids face the problems such as skin rashes, dehydration, and injury while playing. In case, kids face any problem you can take care of use first aid kit initially. But, do not forget to consult your pediatrician.