Beneficial Tips to Increase Weight in Children

beneficial tips to increase weight in children

Nowadays, numbers of overweight children are increasing due to the consumption of high calorie food & unhealthy lifestyle. In spite of this, there are some children which are underweight. They need high calorie food to gain weight but not junk food. Choosing nutritious high calorie foods or adding extra calories into meals is best approach to increase weight in children. If you are concerned that your child is underweight, then first of all you need to consult your doctor. Here we will also give you some tips what you need to when your child is underweight.

1. Find out the Causes

There are many reasons due to which the children do not gain weight. Most of the kids are choosy while eating the meal. Metabolic problem such as diabetes or thyroid may also be the reason for poor weight gain. Sometimes, if your child is on medication & also having gastrointestinal problem can reduce hunger or make eating uncomfortable. If your child is physically active & burning extra calories but takes lesser calories, then it will also be the reason for poor weight gain.

2. Frequently feed your underweight Children

If your child is underweight feed him or her frequently:-

(a) Breast feeding to infant and for as long as he/she desires.

(b) Give your children four to six meals in addition to snacks, everyday.

(c) Whenever your children feels hungry, feed them.

3. Try to make Mealtime Special

Children need energy in form of calories & nutrients, which comes from the balanced diet. You can make your child’s mealtime special by serving your child with the different type of nutritious snacks or fruit & teach him or her that eating is important & enjoyable. At mealtime switch off the TV so that your child makes focus & enjoy the meal.

4. Set Example

You need to set an example in front of your child by eating & finishing of food. Eating variety of nutritious food is necessary for the underweight child.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is more often linked with weight loss than weight gain. But if the high calorie food is consumed then it can be part of a weight-gain. Exercise can frequently encourage the appetite, so try encouraging your child for physical activity before mealtimes and see if that helps.