How to Save Your Kids from Computer and Mobile Addiction?

how to save your kids from computer and mobile addiction

Computers & mobiles are most probably the part of our life. We almost do our all work on computer & mobile to communicate through voice, text, and internet. Nowadays, most of the parents have computer at their home & are also using mobile. So, these things are easily approachable for kids. Kids like to play games on the computers & mobiles. Those parents are quite happy whose kid’s learn through educational programs on computer not play games on it. But most of the kids use to play games on the computer as well as on the mobiles. They give the priority to the electronics gaming only. They don’t want to play any outdoor game, don’t show interest to complete their homework, and refuses to do anything else. The parents of these kids are worried of this problem & their future too. Here we will let you know how to save your kids from computer and mobile addiction:-

Password Protection

Setting passwords to your computer & mobile is the best option for the parents. You can set password to your computer & mobile that only you know. In order to use a computer or mobile, your kid always needs to ask you for password. Don’t tell them the password; it is good to login by your own. You can also change the password in routine.

Parental Control Needed

Parents should have their full control on the computer & mobile. You can easily set parental control settings on the computer as well as some options are also available in mobile, to limit the kid’s access.

Responsibility to Complete the Priorities

Parents should educate the kids that computer time will only be allowed after the completion of their homework. Parents should set the computer time as the privilege time for the kids not as their right. Parents should give the mobile access to the kids in front of them only after the completion of their responsibilities.

Have Family Time

Parents should make some computer or mobile free zones at home. Use of computer & mobile should be allowed in living area or dining area. But do not allow the use of computer & mobile in their room or at dinner time.

Set the time limit for Computer or mobile use

Parents should set the time limit for kids to use the computer or mobile. Allow 1 to 2 hours maximum to kids to use the computer & 15 to 30 minutes for mobile. It is good to give them warning through announcement that how much time is left. Kids below 3 years of age should not be allowed to access the computer or mobile screens.