Make Your Kid Aware of Good Habit of Tooth Brushing

make your kid aware of good habit of tooth brushing

Tooth care is as important as the other parts of the body. So, make your kid’s aware about the tooth brushing in their early age. Most of the parents don’t know when their kid should start using toothbrush. Majority of dentists recommend that when your child has 5 or more teeth in a line should start using toothbrush under the guidance of parents. Parents should do the following steps to take care your kid’s teeth:-

Role of Parents

(a) Purchase a small size & soft bristled toothbrush for your kid.

(b) Parents should brush the kid’s teeth until the age of 5 years.

(c) Tell them how they have to hold brush and do brush.

(d) Do tooth brush lightly and in a gentle manner.

(e) Make brushing time a fun time for your kid.

(f) It is not necessary to use the toothpaste at initial stage. Use of toothpaste can make the things messy without any cause.

(g) Initially kids need to do the toothbrush once in a day.

(h) When your kids get 6 years old let them do brushing independently. Now, you need to become a role model for them. Whenever your kids brush their teeth, you need to brush in front of your kids so that he can follow you.

(i) Now, kids can also use toothpaste contains fluoride which reduces cavities and improves oral health.

(j) It is the time to do the brushing two times a day, first in morning & second after having dinner.

Increase the Field

Parents should avoid limiting the brushing of kids to the bathroom. Teach them to do the brushing after having food at picnic, or after eating food at any function is good for oral health.

Avoid the use of Wipes

Use of wipes on kid’s teeth should be prohibited. It is less effective, tastes horrible. Sometimes kid’s get confused which one is better wipes or brushing. Don’t let them confused. It is the responsibility of parents to make their kids aware about the brushing.

Mirror Plays the Role

There should be mirror in the bathroom. While brushing your kid can inspect his teeth & compare it with yours. This motivates him for brushing in routine.