Take 11 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Children

steps to build confidence in your children

Confidence is the important key to make decision, beat the hurdle, to get success and happiness. Parents play a vital role in building their children’s confidence. Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their children. Confident children are better prepared to deal with challenges, frustrations, peer pressure, emotions both positive & negative and stress. We will let you know the steps through which you can boost the confidence of your children.

1. First of all improve your own confidence

Building self confidence isn’t a step you can achieve overnight. Start building your own confidence if needed by making positive comments about yourself and others in your children presence.

2. Unconditional love

Ensure your children that your love is unconditional for them. You care and love them even when they make mistakes or wrong decisions. Avoid criticizing or shaming them.

3. Feel special

Address your children by their name to make them feel special. It is also a simple and powerful way to convey the message that they are important for you.

4. Give them special tasks

Give special tasks to your children to help them feel useful, competent and responsible. Involve them in your routine jobs at home. The special tasks can include being your cooking assistant, gardening assistant, or, ask them for simply dressing herself/ himself.

5. Play game with your children

Play game with your children and allow them to choose the game, initiate the game and as well as lead it. This makes the children feel valuable and accomplished

6. Ask your children for their advice or opinion

By asking your children for their advice or opinion shows that you value them and their ideas. This helps your children to boost their confidence.

7. Guide them how to set and achieve goals

Help your children to set and achieve the specific goals by following the simple steps suggested by you.

8. Spend quality time together

After office hours spend quality time with your children. Take them on outing, eat dinner together, play games or do any other activity that allows you and your child to enjoy together. Your love and acceptance make them confident.

9. Give them attention

Your children recognize when you’re not giving them your attention or you are busy in something else. To help your children feel valued and confident, put your work a side, divert your mind, and focus your attention on your children.

10. Praise your children

Praise your children when they do any good work, win any game or completed the task given by you. This helps them to build their self-esteem.

11. Stop comparing them to others

Stop comparing your children with others and also don’t compare your children with each other. These comparisons cause children to doubt themselves, believe that they can’t meet your expectations and ultimately lose confidence.

At last, make your children confident and this is the most precious gift a parent’s can give to their children to shape their life.