Start Jogging by Taking 6 Important Steps

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The beginners who had started walking, now we let you know about the next step i.e. jogging.  As walking is a low impact exercise, but in jogging you have to give some pressure on your joints to step forward.  Jogging is a well-known form of physical workout. Jogging is done when you move at the speed of 3 to 5mph.

1. Warm up your Muscles

Before you start jogging, warm up your body. Doing warm up for 5 to 10 minutes can make your muscles limber & flexible. It’s good to warm up your muscles before you begin stretching to avoid any cramp, strain and injury. Move your joints in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction until they feel loose and easy. Do some stretching, swing your arms & stretch your legs. After stretching do some workouts then start walk.

2. How to increase the Pace

Initially, when you start walk for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually increase the speed of your walking by taking baby steps until jogging becomes the next logical step. Slowly increase in your speed will strengthen your feet to move in a steady way.

3. Right Way of Practice

Always wear right type & good quality of shoes to do jogging. Shoes will save you from ankle & foot injuries. In jogging, mainly you need to bounce your body with the help of your feet and knees to move forward. You can do the outdoor jogging, indoor jogging or on a treadmill. Jogging is good to cover the long distance in a steady way. To prevent any injury while jogging, avoid hitting the ground hard.

4. Make a Schedule

Make a schedule to do the jogging exercise in routine. Pick the right time of the day, proper duration and mainly stick to it. Devote your enough time to do jogging without stress or rushed.  You have to maintain a steady and regular exercise routine.

5. Slowly Increase Your Time & Distance

When you get into a better position, slowly increase your distance. Try to increase your distance by 10 percent per week. If you run for 5 mile one week, then increase it to 5.5 miles next week.

6. Beware of Getting Bored

Variation is also crucial to keeping you from getting bored or discouraged with your routine. In case you are getting bored, change your routine by changing tracks, location of jogging, increase or decrease in speed or distance.