Start Running by Taking 6 Most Important Steps

start running by taking 6 most important steps

Running is one step above the jogging. There is a hairline difference between the jogging & the running. In jogging you need to cover the long distance with a slow constant speed but in running you have to move fast to cover the distance in a short span of time. To start running you just need two things, first a pair of shoes & second a willingness to get started.

1. Good to Choose Nearby Location

For running you can choose any location. But by choosing nearby location or track for running, it saves your time and you can devote proper time for running.

2. Get Ready for Running

Before start running you just need a pair of good quality shoes or an old pair of sneakers will do. Wear comfortable clothes for running like T-shirts, gym shorts & a sport bra if required. Avoid the tight clothes for running because while running you will get sweat & the tight clothes makes you uncomfortable.

3. Right Way to do Running

If you are a beginner to running or you are getting back to running after a long time, it is important to start out easy and build up slowly so you avoid injury. Before start running it good to do warm up by doing walk or a jogging or some warm-up exercises for 5 to 10 minutes. After that start with 2 minutes of running & 2 minutes walking and then try to increase your running intervals. As you become more comfortable, run constantly.

4. Focus on Breathing

While running breathe in through nose & mouth, you can get the most amount of oxygen. The scientists said that the inhaling the oxygen through nose & exhaling through mouth is the best breathing technique. While, exhaling through mouth allows your body to get rid of more carbon dioxide and heat with less effort. As your nose is a good filter for air, it saves you from swallowing bugs when you run outside.

5. Complete the Running

Always aim for frequency rather than speed or distance. Setup a weekly running schedule to get into a regular running habit. It will be beneficial for you. After running, cool down your body by doing some walk or easy stretching.

6. Run and Be Focused

After few days running you might be tend to feel hurt. Now at this stage you need to be more focused & tell yourself that you can do this. After few weeks running routine you will begin to feel lighter, faster and start having more fun. Routine running will helps you to become more efficient, conserve energy, and avoid discomfort & injury.