7 Simple & Effective Tricks to Lose Belly Fat

simple tricks to lose belly fat | effective tricks to lose belly fat

Belly fat is like a curse to the human body. Fat is harmful for the health of human body. It increases the risk of heart attack & type-2 diabetes. To get rid of belly fat requires time & dedication. So, here I tell you about the 7 simple tricks through which you can do this.

1. Drinks Hot Water

First thing in the morning when you get up, drink a glass of hot water. Hot water helps your body to break down the extra fat. Doing this will improves your metabolism & digestive system. If you drink a glass of water at any temperature before the meal can help you to eat less. In this way, your body gets fewer calories & ultimately reduces extra fat.

2. A Habit of Green Tea

Nowadays, green tea is another option available in the market to reduce the belly fat. Green tea contains caffeine & antioxidant which improves metabolism & helps to reduce fat. Consumption of green tea with exercise works effectively. Do not drink green tea immediately after exercise, have a little break.

3. Avoid Beverages Containing Sugar

Some studies show that the soft drinks & energy drinks are the rich source of sugar. These high-calorie drinks may have a worse effect on your body. It is shocking to read that human brain does not process liquid calories. These calories get stored in the form of fat in your body. To reduce belly fat, you need to avoid beverages containing sugar.

4. Eat High Protein Food

Eat protein rich food to reduce the belly fat. It improves the fullness hormone PYY & reduces the appetite. Protein boosts metabolism & during weight loss, it saves your muscle mass. It is a fact that person who eats more protein tend to have less abdominal fat.

5. Try to Reduce Stress

In this era, most of the people are living a stressful life. Stress is another reason for fat storage. Stress produces stress hormones known as “cortisol”. The high increase in cortisol may increase appetite and make abdominal fat storage.

6. Do Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways through which you can reduce your belly fat. Doing regular exercise help you out to burn extra calories. In addition, you also need to monitor your calories intake, intake of protein, fiber, and other micronutrients.

7. Take Ample Sleep

As it is a universal truth that “Sleeping is a Healing Balm”. The people who do not take ample sleep tend to gain extra weight, which include belly fat too. So, take ample sleep to get save from fat’s curse.